Phone calls for minor illnesses or for problems of a relatively routine nature (ex: feeding advice, bowel problems, fussiness) will be taken by our nurse and a return call by one of us will be made within a few hours, if necessary. Naturally, we are always available for any urgent matter. For illness, it is best to call the office in the morning. This way, if the nurse (as per our instructions) recommends that we see the child, there will be adequate time to do so during office hours. With better facilities for examination and the possible need for laboratory tests and/or X-rays we feel it is much better to see the child during office hours whenever possible. Please, also remember, it is very difficult to make a diagnosis over the phone, and if there is any doubt as to whether or not the child needs to be seen, it is wiser and safer for the baby to be examined.

For non-emergency problems, please do not expect us to interrupt a patient who is in the office. If the nurse cannot help you, we will call you back. If everyone adheres to this principal, all can, and will, get our undivided attention when in the office. Kindly do not expect us to see two children in the time allotted for one. This backs up our appointments and is unfair to the patients who follow. If an additional child must be seen, call us ahead so that we can change our schedule and avoid undue waiting for other patients, as well as your children. Additionally, if an appointment cannot be kept, please notify the office in advance. In order to make phone calls more satisfactory and valuable, please:

  1. Write out your questions – be brief and to the point.
  2. Please have a pencil and paper ready to write down any instructions.
  3. Please have your drug store’s phone number available in case a prescription is needed. Please look up the number before calling us!
  4. Please call our office early for those special problems that may require an office visit. Routine call regarding minor health problems, medications, etc. can be handled at all other times during office hours.
  5. Prescription refill should be requested during regular office hours – Monday through Friday.
  6. When calling in reference to your bill or an insurance questions, please state that this is the nature of your call so that you can be directed to the proper person without have to hold for several minutes.

After Hours, Weekends and Holidays: A physician will always be available to you after regular office hours and on holidays for emergency purposes.

Call the office number at 248-856-6300, inform our answering service, and await our return call. We will contact you as soon as we reasonably can.

We ask that you use good judgment and consideration in calling after hours. We are only too happy to respond to your call for EMERGENCY situations. Unnecessary calls, how- ever, only detract from the service we can render to others with serious problems. Before calling, please check our information sheets and our website, which may answer many of your questions.

In the case of a severe emergency either call the local fire and rescue service (911) or go to the nearest hospital where immediate care is available. The hospital will contact us.

Again, when calling have a pen or pencil available along with your drug store’s telephone number.