1. Signs of illness, which should be reported to us, include the following:
  2. Lethargy or listlessness
  3. Fever (a normal rectal temperature is 100.6° F or less)
  4. Vomiting repeatedly (not just spitting up) or refusal of food several times in a row
  5. Excessive crying without obvious cause
  6. Any unusual rash
  7. Loose, runny bowels, especially with blood or mucus
  8. Difficulty breathing
  9. Repeated choking or blue spells while feeding
  10. Twitching or convulsions.
A. Be sure to notify your health insurance company of your new baby at once as most companies have only a 30-day grace period in which to enroll the infant.
B. Call our office shortly after you arrive home to arrange for baby’s first appointment.
C. The first few weeks may be tiring for you both. This is a good time to let house- work go a bit. Just get to know your baby and TAKE IT EASY.

Newborn Screen: It is a state law that all infants have a blood test for PKU and other metabolic disorders. If this has not been done by the hospital at the time of discharge, or if the test was performed early because of early discharge, please arrange to have it done as an out- patient.