Here’s what you should know about introducing solid food into your baby’s diet:

  1. Nutritionally, solid foods are unnecessary during the first six months. Breast milk or formula will provide all the nourishment your baby needs during this time. Early introduction of baby foods does not help a baby sleep, despite the myths to the contrary.
  2. The earlier any food is introduced, the greater likelihood your baby will have problems with it. We usually recommend starting with rice cereal at four to six months. Then you may try different cereals (except high-protein or mixed).
  3. All solid foods for your baby must be mashed or pureed until we permit chunkier foods.

Adding Foods

After six months, if the baby is still hungry, introduce one new food every four to seven days. The order of introduction is not important. Let your baby be your guide as you explore individual likes or dislikes. Your baby might reject a food this month and love it next month.

Do not begin high-allergy-type foods such as orange juice, beef, wheat, mixed or high- protein cereal until milder foods have been accepted. Do not offer plain eggs until at least eight to ten months.