Bowel Movements

If your baby seems happy and content, is eating normally, and has no symptoms of ill- ness, then do not worry about minor stool changes. Changes in number, consistency, or color of stools are usually normal.

The number of stools a baby has daily varies. Some babies have a stool with every feeding – that is six to eight stools per day – or they may have one stool every two to three days. The consistency and color of stools will also vary from day to day. Breast-fed infants usually have very liquid, yellow or mustard-colored stools. This is not an indication of diarrhea. Formula-fed infants usually have yellowish-tan stools. All babies will occasionally go three to five days without a stool. If it is soft or runny, it’s normal.

Babies often strain, grunt, grimace, and turn red in the face when having a bowel movement. This is not a sign of a problem unless the stool is very hard.